DesignBoard’s Pencil Round Board opens-up comprehensive design options for any exposed edges of any decked terraces, stepped areas, or raised feature planters, and seating areas. The boards are supplied with a modern, sleek, pencil round finish to one long edge, and are supplied at 135mm wide, so fit seamlessly within a laid DesignBoard decked area. Available in the complete, inspiring range of DesignBoard composite decking colours, the Pencil Round Board will provide a beautiful, complementary ‘finishing touch’ to any exterior project.
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DesignBoard Pencil Round Boards
Pencil Round Boards
Crafted in-house at our Bespoke Stone Centre, DesignBoard’s Pencil Round Board is created by combining modern manufacturing techniques with the accuracy and meticulousness of being hand-finished by one of our skilled masons. The outcome is one of effortless modernity, and will help to provide a focal point to areas where one is required. Pieces can be easily cut on site to fit any design – we recommend mitre-cutting pieces and fitting them neatly together if corners are to be incorporated. The Pencil Round Board holds the same quality and durability that you would expect from this easy-to-install material.