Concrete Block Paving is an excellent solution to maintaining the good looks of driveways where regular traffic, street pollution, and spills can take their toll. Quick to lay, it allows a wide choice of paving patterns and combinations of texture and colour. It also carries the practical advantages of low maintenance and durability, while allowing the economical replacement of individual blocks, should any become stained. From Country Cobbles®, immediately at home in more rustic settings, to the crisp lines of Plaza Paving, ideal for minimalist front gardens, each Concrete Block Paving in our range has its own distinct character.
Plaza Paving
Concrete Kerbs
Our range of Concrete Block Paving has been selected for its quality and versatility of style. Manufactured to the highest standards, with a curing process that minimises the incidence of efflorescence—which can be a problem with concrete—it uses quality German-made pigments for deep, long-lasting colour. Produced by a family firm with over fifty years' experience and a philosophy that matches our own in providing excellent service and premium products, our range of Concrete Block Paving carries a thirty-year guarantee on registration by the property owner.