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A plastic compost bin is the ideal composting bin for a small garden. The plastic sides and lid of the plastic compost bins retain moisture and heat, which are the most important factors to encourage rapid decomposition. The plastic also blocks out light which helps to stop weeds from re-growing. Ideally composting bins should be placed on grass or earth. Knowing what materials can be composted, and the correct balance required for effective composting is important. Some of the most common type of composting materials include the following: Green materials include grass clippings; soft, leafy plants including annual weeds; fruit and vegetables and uncooked kitchen waste. Brown materials includes things such as pruning’s and hedge trimmings, woodchips, leaves, paper and card, straw, plant stems. Ideally these materials should be torn or shredded. Accelerators and activators are products such as ‘Garotta’ and contain high levels of nitrogen. These are sometimes added when green waste is in short supply. If green waste in plentiful then they should not be necessary. Activators, containing carbon can also be purchased.

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