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Compost is an important supplement to a garden. It is the perfect way to add nutrients that will fuel plant growth and restore vitality to depleted soil. It’s also great for the environment. Compost bins are a practical way to compost and learning how to compost effectively will assist in making the best homemade compost. Composting can be useful in all gardens and can be done all year round. When choosing a composter, the following factors need to be considered; the location of the compost area and bin, what will be composted and whether the compost will be turned manually or not. The site and container should not be subject to extreme temperatures or moisture; compost works best in constant conditions. Add a spade full of soil to the bin and be sure to get the right balance between composting materials; aim for between a quarter to a half being green materials and the remainder woody brown materials. Stir the contents occasionally, air is necessary for composting to occur and if the heap becomes too compacted the composting process will be slower. The compost will have reached maturity when it is dark brown colour, with a crumbly soil like texture and the smell resembles that of damp woodland.

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