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2009 is finally out of the way, I can almost hear the collective sigh of relief. It certainly was a tough year for all concerned and while the economy is nowhere near out of danger, a new year means we can all start looking forward with optimism to the future.
There are many exciting developments to tell you all about, new products, bigger showroom & improved product specifications to name just a few. However, when I look back on 2009 and on all the things that London Stone achieved, joining the ETI is what gives everybody involved with London Stone the most satisfaction.
Attending the induction at ETI head quarters in East London was a real eye opener and a thorough education in all the things I didn’t know I didn’t know. This analogy (stolen unashamedly from Donald Rumsfeld) was used by NGO coordinator, Peter Williams when attempting to explain the new journey we were all embarking on. The day was interesting, fun and it felt good to be involved in something so worthwhile and right. I have to admit that as an entrepreneur it felt at times, almost alien to be sat amongst trade unionist representatives but I have to say my long held views were challenged on many occasions during the course of the day and when it was time to leave I did so with a sure feeling that I had gained a deeper understanding of these different groups. The ETI meetings are made up of businesses, trade unions & NGO’s and this gives a real balance to discussions and ensures that everybody’s interests are protected. I think we have to give huge credit but at a time of diminishing natural resources, and with the world facing huge environmental challenges, more than ever the need for organisations like the ETI is essential in protecting the world’s most vulnerable people.
We are also excited to announce that as of March 2010 we will be cutting and processing York stone at our West London Depot. We will be able to supply cut paving, bull nosed step treads, coping stones, risers & sawn set’s. This decision was made for customer service reasons. Our York stone suppliers were quoting us a minimum lead time of 4 weeks, add delays and mistakes to the equation and we were regularly seeing 6 week lead times. I also felt strongly that the Yorkshire based suppliers did not appreciate the level of customer service that the city of London and the south of England in general demands. We will be offering Sawn York stone from £60 + VAT m2 with our usual free delivery and a lead time of just 2 weeks.
Hope that the first blog has been interesting, would really look forward to hearing any feedback so please feel free to contact me if you need to discuss anything raised. I look forward to hearing from you all.
Steven Walley

By London Stone Blog | Published 25th January 2010
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