The natural stone of choice at Chelsea

London Stone have supplied stone to 2 different projects at Chelsea this year.  Last week I took the afternoon off to go and have a walk around the place and see our stone paving in action.  One garden that caught my attention was the digital capabilities garden.  The garden responds directly to Twitter activity which allows the public to influence directly how the garden appears.  Its an amazing concept and though the mind boggles to think how much work went into designing and building this garden, i just couldn't buy into it.  I don't consider this type of project to be  a garden.  Maybe I am just old fashioned in my belief that a garden should be a place to entertain and enjoy.  These types of projects are IMO, not gardens, but actually demonstrations of art.  It was an amazing creation, but I just couldn't see how it bore any resemblance to a garden.

The RBC garden designed by Adam Frost and built by Landform Consultants, for me this is what a garden should be about.  Planting, paved areas, water, seating and paths.  I think that this was probably my favourite garden at Chelsea 2013.  Buff Yorkstone Paving had been used to create paths, walls and seating areas.  Also the planting on this project was so diverse and featured 4 mature cherry blossom trees.  It felt at times like you were in a mature garden, not one that had been built in the space of a week.  Walking around the other gardens there were lots of examples of natural stone paving on display.  Slate, Sandstone & Travertine featured prominently but Yorkstone Paving was definitely the most popular material.  I counted buff Yorkstone on at least 6 different gardens.  Which just goes to show that despite the huge boom in imported stone, our indigenous British stones are still popular.  Great news for the UK stone industry

By London Stone Blog | Published 24th May 2013
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