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SGD Conference – Sampling The Best

SGD Conference – Sampling The Best – read more about our attendance at this year’s event

We know what to expect at SGD Conferences now, the latest of which took place in London last weekend. In the breaks between lectures, we’re always super busy as delegates swoop in to say hallo and check out some of our latest additions to the range.

Our stand at the conference – for designers, nothing beats getting their hands on the materials that they specify

And it’s always enjoyable. For Chris Durnford, our Customer Experience Director, it was his first time staffing our stand at this event, along with Estimator Ryan Burge. “There was high demand from people wanting to pick up a sample box,” says Chris. “Designers who either hadn’t got one or were getting a new one because theirs was a couple of years old and they were keen to get samples of our new products. On the breaks we were really busy – one of the most popular stands out of about twenty.” read more

Better Together: London Stone Development Day Gets Landscapers And Designers Talking

Better Together: London Stone Development Day Gets Landscapers And Designers Talking – some of the industries leading figures discuss partnership

Our seventh Development Day this year carried a massive buzz and not just because so many in the industry attended. “I think it’s the best event we’ve done,” says our Horticultural Consultant, Jamie Butterworth.

London Stone North London Showroom Event

Jamie Butterworth hosts an Evening of Innovation and Integration – North London Showroom, 25.11.2018

Drawn by our invitation to an Evening of Integration and Collaboration, fifty landscapers and designers arrived for three hours of discussion, networking and rather good food. read more

New introductions at the SGD Spring Conference

Here at London Stone we’ve always maintained the importance of working together, so we love events that make that happen.

London Stone stand displaying Composite Decking, Natural Stone & Porcelain at the SGD Spring Conference

London Stone Stand at the SGD Spring Conference

The annual SGD Spring Conference, which took place last Saturday, is a prime example. There’s a real sense of community, with garden designers travelling down from as far afield as Scotland to enjoy lectures, meet colleagues, and exchange news—and hugs!

It was a first-time experience for our Garden Design Consultants, Fiona Campbell and Lucy Bravington. “It was a really good platform to introduce ourselves,” says Fiona, whose role is to work closely with designers from concept stage to ensure you have everything you need during the specification process. read more