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Sawn Sandstone Colours for Budget-Conscious Garden Designs

Sawn Sandstone Colours for Budget-Conscious Garden Designs – read more about the newest additions to our sawn sandstone range for 2019

Three new sawn sandstones have arrived at London Stone, but Dune, Mirage and Light Grey aren’t just attractive additions to our range. They extend design options in another very important aspect.

From l-r, Light Grey, Mirage, and Dune Sawn Sandstones, on display at our Surrey Showroom

Dune is warm buff with a particularly lovely character. Mid-brown and darker-brown markings, formed by rust and iron deposits in the sandstone, ripple across the surface in a way that reminds you of desert sand, or those fascinating lines in a sandy beach when the tides gone out. Sawn six sides, as are Mirage and Light Grey, its fine grain has a luxurious feel underfoot. read more

London Stone’s Business Development Managers – Another Helping Hand

What’s the most neglected part of any landscaping job? Be honest.

Mandy Steed Lifestyle

You know, that bit you don’t exactly struggle with, but which gets pushed to one side because you love the actual physical construction and want to finish a project now, not spend time on “virtual” tasks. Tasks like checking-up on orders, or scheduling deliveries, or making sure non-standard materials will be there exactly when you need them.

If this sounds familiar, we’d like to introduce you to one of our Business Development Managers: Mandy Steed, who joined us last year, bringing with her, twenty years’ experience in construction, including work with landscaper contractors in the domestic and commercial arenas. read more