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London Stone’s Off-The-Shelf Yorkstone Means No Long Lead Times

London Stone’s Off-The-Shelf Yorkstone Means No Long Lead Times – learn more about this exceptional service offer

Ever had the experience where you knew exactly what stone would be best for the job, only for the client to choose something else because they didn’t want the delay of a long lead time?

Rosebank Landscaping used Grey Yorkstone Steps and Paving on this townhouse scheme

As every landscaper and contractor knows, the problem with Yorkstone – one of the loveliest and most desirable natural stones – is the long lead time of up to two months usually encountered when ordering it. read more

London Stone Gives You Grey And Buff Sawn Yorkstone Off The Shelf

London Stone Gives You Grey And Buff Sawn Yorkstone Off The Shelf

Yorkstone is perennially popular. Clients love it. Designers love it. We love it! Its crisp lines and historic prestige are lovely to work with.

Harrington Porter Britannia Buff Yorkstone London Stone

Britannia Buff Yorkstone – as seen here in a clean, crisp scheme from Harrington Porter

As you know, at London Stone we always want to make life as easy as possible for you. So, from this month, Grey and Buff Sawn Yorkstone are available in standard sizes, straight off the shelf. Not just in paving, either. read more

London Stone sees it from a Landscaper’s Point of View

At London Stone we aim to understand our clients, so we weren’t surprised when Sales Director Chris Durnford decided to redesign and build his front garden himself. But what exactly did he learn about the trials of a landscaper?

Front garden after with Planting and Pebbles

First, the project. Practicalities demanded a design that would allow a car to be parked in front of the house. The driveway was already laid with acceptable red and black pavers, but the main area was already suffering from the weight of the car and needed an improved build. “The slabs that were there had been loosely laid on sand and mud and had started to sink,” says Chris, “and they got very muddy in the rain.” read more

How to recreate Chelsea trends with London Stone products

Chelsea leads the way; Hampton Court backs it up. That’s often the way, as award-winning gardens display the latest thinking in design. This year was no different.


Bright colours

There’s an obvious swing towards bright, bold colours. They caught the eye in the “ribs” of the Silk Road Garden, Chengdu, China by Laurie Chetwood and Patrick Collins, and the brightly painted walls of Inland Homes: Beneath a Mexican Sky by Manoj Malde at Chelsea, and glowed in the sunshine in the rainbow-coloured backdrop of Edward Mairis’ Journey of Life at Hampton Court. read more