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London Stone Gives You Grey And Buff Sawn Yorkstone Off The Shelf

London Stone Gives You Grey And Buff Sawn Yorkstone Off The Shelf

Yorkstone is perennially popular. Clients love it. Designers love it. We love it! Its crisp lines and historic prestige are lovely to work with.

Harrington Porter Britannia Buff Yorkstone London Stone

Britannia Buff Yorkstone – as seen here in a clean, crisp scheme from Harrington Porter

As you know, at London Stone we always want to make life as easy as possible for you. So, from this month, Grey and Buff Sawn Yorkstone are available in standard sizes, straight off the shelf. Not just in paving, either. read more

DesignClad – Not Just For Walls

Just over a year-on since we introduced DesignClad, the porcelain alternative to render, we’re delighted by the imaginative use it’s being put to.

Neil Sutcliffe, of Creative Roots, is a big fan. He’s already used it in a number of projects, with others currently lined-up. “It’s a creative, very versatile material,” he says. “For anything that would be potentially rendered or clad with paving in the past, DesignClad is better.”
image6 Designclad Creative Roots

Image courtesy of Neil Sutcliffe, Creative Roots

So, while Neil certainly uses DesignClad in place of a more traditional rendered wall, he’s found it great to use in other places too. read more