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No Child Left Behind: A Retrospective Series on the Progress Made and What’s To Come – Part 1: A Beginning Filled with Hope and Uncertainty

No Child Left Behind: A Retrospective Series on the Progress Made and What’s To Come

In this four-part series, we’ll look back at the No Child Left Behind program, the progress that’s been made, and also explore what’s on the horizon.

Part 1: A Beginning Filled with Hope and Uncertainty

Budhpura. A semi rural Indian village highly vulnerable to Child Labour

Budhpura. A semi-rural Indian village highly vulnerable to Child Labour.

To begin a project like No Child Left Behind was a daunting proposition. It meant walking into Budhpura, a village rife with challenges and steeped in tradition, with the goal of creating significant change. For the team involved in getting the project off the ground, there was no shortage of emotion – from hope to fear and everything in between.
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Mapping the Supply Chains; The Complexity of Foreign Supply Chains

I’ve travelled to India on numerous occasions over the last 10 years and it’s fair to say that on each visit, I gain further insight into the supply chain. Since leaving the ETI and joining the CLFZ (Child Labour Free Zones) project London Stone’s visits to India have been solely focused on working with the local community to make child labour a thing of the past in Budhpura.

Whilst being extremely rewarding the project has also been a huge challenge for everyone involved.  Now 3 years in we are starting to see real, on the ground progress, none more so than after a recent visit which has left me feeling inspired and given me a deeper understanding of the community, its social structures, the problems it faces and of course, the solutions. read more

Leading the Fight against Child Labour – The Cobble Traders Union

In less developed countries who are still fighting social battles, unions are an important part of society. Even though I understand the need for unions in developing countries like India, I was not entirely comfortable when I heard that the cobble traders of Budhpura had formed a union to support our project to create Child Labour Free Zones (CLFZ).


It felt fishy. A group of cobble traders whose norm was child labour coming together to help eradicate something that had supported their family’s standard of living for generations. read more

Creating Child Labour Free Zones in Budhpura. Real Progress

Anyone who has travelled to India for work or pleasure will be aware of the complex set of challenges the country faces as it strives to drag itself into the modern world, India is developing at breakneck speed.  Unsurprisingly though in the country that boasts the world’s largest population, it’s not all progress and some people are getting left behind.

Manjari HQ in Budhpura. Open to everyone!

Some of the workers in stone supply chains are testament to this, especially in remote quarry areas and villages like Budhpura.  The communities in these areas face many challenges and in a country the size of India they are often overlooked and forgotten by the government left to their own devices.  Many, of what we consider to be, fundamental rights are not available to these people, or if they are available they are difficult to obtain.  Healthcare, education and employment opportunities are limited and basic community institutions are often lacking. read more