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A Busy Year For Our Charity Partners Greenfingers And Perennial

A Busy Year For Our Charity Partners Greenfingers And Perennial – we take a look at what our charity partners have been up to in 2018, as well as a look forward to what 2019 has in store.

As Christmas approaches, it’s time to check in with Greenfingers and Perennial, the two charities we at London Stone support through our Landscaper Specialist Scheme.

Greenfingers’ garden Andy’s at St Andrew’s Hospice, Grimsby, has been transformed from a grassy area with hedging and borders unsuitable for wheelchair access to a pirate-themed multi-sensory experience. Picture courtesy of Greenfingers. read more

Keeping It In The Family With Team Felix And Duchenne UK

Keeping It In The Family With Team Felix And Duchenne UK – we discover the progress being made by Duchenne UK, and take a look at where your donated money ends up

Well, the vertigo’s subsided, and our blisters are no longer bad enough for bragging rights. We thought that after last week’s rundown of our hair-raising adventure to raise funds for Team Felix and Duchenne UK, we’d fill you in on where the £11,800 raised is likely to be directed.

London Stone Gran Paradiso Summit Duchenne UK

One of the climb teams from London Stone reach the summit of Gran Paradiso in September 2018 – a hike to raise funds for Duchenne UK read more

Reaching New Heights For Team Felix

Reaching New Heights For Team Felix – London Stone climb Gran Paradiso to raise funds for Team Felix and Duchenne UK.

Ask our director Gavin Walley about his latest adventure, and you might be surprised at the level of detail that he comes back with. But when you’ve faced the possibility of plunging into a bottomless crevasse, saved (or possibly not) only by three team-mates digging their heels in against the pull of the rope attached to your harness, it tends to sharpen the mind.

London Stone Gran Paradiso Team Felix Duchenne Summat

One of the climb teams reach the summit of Gran Paradiso – at over 4,000m above sea level. Gavin Walley’s orange trousers were optional. read more

London Stone Proud To Party For Perennial

One of the most enjoyable evenings of 2018 has already happened, so if you missed it last week we strongly recommend you pencil it in for next year!

Party For Perennial 2018 (3)

Party for Perennial, held at The Flamingo Room at O’Neill’s in Central London, drew over 150 from the horticultural industry, with more than £10,000 raised to fund the charity’s support of UK horticulturalists and their families.

As headline sponsors, London Stone are really proud to be involved. It’s an evening that draws people from all parts of the industry and, as some of you know, at London Stone we’re fully committed to uniting all the vital elements of our industry. Events like Party for Perennial show just what great synergy there can be between us. read more

Help London Stone To Support Perennial’s Vital Work

Do you take your health and strength for granted? Or do you deliberately avoid thinking about what would happen if you lost them? It’s no fun imagining what would happen if things suddenly changed.marek

Tree surgeon Marek suffered a devastating fall, resulting in brain injury. Perennial stepped in to help his partner Ann Marie with financial arrangements, help with the benefits system, and emotional support.

Things do sometimes change, though, and that’s why we originally chose Perennial as one of our charity partners. None of us is immune from a devastating event. And we’re delighted to say that thanks to the numbers joining our Specialist Landscaper Scheme, (where for every new member who signs-up, we donate £10 split between Perennial and Greenfingers) our support now stands at £1,100. read more