Seminar on Sealing Natural Stone Paving

London Stone will be doing a seminar at Futurescape on sealing natural stone paving.  We felt very privileged to be asked by Jim Wilkinson to give the seminar and we are really looking forward to meeting people and hopefully sharing our knowledge of the sealing process.  The seminar is called, “The Benefits Of Sealing: Dispelling The Myths” and will be taking place at 9:30am in the first floor seminar room.  London  Stone will be giving the seminar in conjunction with Dry Treat.  Dry Treat are London Stones sealant supplier and we have established an excellent relationship with them.  The focus of the seminar will be to dispel the myths and falsehoods that surround sealing and further to demonstrate why the sealing process should be an integral part of any natural stone paving installation.  London Stone always recommend that natural stone and particularly sawn paving is sealed.  Looking forward to meeting you all at Futurescape

By London Stone Blog | Published 8th October 2013
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