Sawn Paving Photos

London Stone are always on the look out for photos of finished natural stone projects.  We recently started to work with a new photographer and have been very impressed with the results so far.  Photographing natural stone paving is not as easy or straight forward as it sounds.  There are many variable factors which can disrupt even the best made plans.

The first problem is logistics.  In order to be efficient we need to photograph 4-5 sites in 1 day.  This means we have to pick a day when 5 homeowners, a photographer and a driver are all free and available.

The next problem to overcome is the good old British weather.  It can never be predicted to any degree of accuracy.  It can be too wet, too dull and even too bright.  To get the best quality shots we need the perfect weather conditions.

If everything else goes to plan the London traffic ia always waiting.  20 minute journeys can take 2 hours and can really play havoc with the daily schedule.

I am happy to say that the most recent photography session ran like clockwork.  We managed to visit five sites and achieved our key objective, which was to get some photographs of one of our most recent sawn paving products, Moleanos limestone.  We also managed to photograph filled & unfilled travertine.  Our range of sawn paving is now complete and we feel is one of the most comprehensive available in the UK.

All the photographs taken can be seen on our website.

By London Stone Blog | Published 2nd October 2010
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