Removing Grout Stains From Sawn Sandstone Paving

A professionally laid sawn sandstone patio will create a total wow factor in your garden.  Sawn sandstone can be suited to traditional and contemporary garden designs and it is also a robust and hardy material.  Occasionally we receive calls from our clients when someone has accidentally spilled grout or mortar on to the newly laid patio.  The ideal solution to remove mortar spills is to immediately wipe them off with a cloth and some clean water.  However we sometimes see mortar stains that have been missed and have then dried onto the stone.  It looks like a complete mess but don't fear as there is usually a way to remove them from sandstone paving.  Its not easy and requires a significant amount of effort but if you persevere you will be able to remove the stains and restore your patio to its former beauty

The first stage is to try and remove with a jetwash.  Often if the mortar staining is very light it can be moved with a jet wash and a stiff brush.  If the grout/mortar residue is very ingrained into the surface of the stone paving you may have to look at using some kind of specialist cleaning product to remove the grout.  We have used a product by Drytreat called Oxy Klenza in the past to remove grout stains.  If Oxy Klenza does not work the next stage is lithofin builders clean.  The first thing to stress is that builders clean is an acid based product, so extreme precautions must be taken prior to using it.  In fact we strongly recommend taking professional advice prior to using any kind of chemicals on natural stone paving.  If you do need to use chemicals on stone they should always be heavily diluted and tested out on an inconspicuous area.

By London Stone Blog | Published 6th August 2013
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