Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving Theft In Surrey

There has been another reported theft of Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving. The victim this time was a residential driveway in the Surrey area. The property owners returned from a day out to discover that half of their Yorkstone driveway had been removed. We have reported Yorkstone Paving theft in this blog before and with the high value of reclaimed materials and the diffculty in tracing these items, its easy to see why this form of theft is on the rise. Luckily in this case the stone was returned to its grateful owner who while being relieved about getting her stone back will still have to bear the cost of installing the stone again. There is a bright side to this story however, the thieves were greedy and loaded too much stone into their van , resulting in a flat tyre while going around the M25. The thieves were forced to abandon their van and flee across nearby fields. Hopefully they will think twice before trying it again but I very much doubt it. If you here of any natural stone paving thefts please let us know so we can write about it. As well as writing this blog we are also regular contributors to the Paving Expert.

By London Stone Blog | Published 18th October 2011
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