No weather for laying natural stone paving

No sooner is a hosepipe ban introduced than the heavens open up and show no signs of stopping.  This is typical of British weather.  May is usually one of my favourite months of the year but 2012 has been a complete washout so far.  I speak to a lot of garden designers and landscape gardeners on a daily basis and they are pulling their hair out as many clients are putting planting and other landscaping projects on hold until the Autumn.  One of the big problems is that there is a lot of misinformation flying about.  Some authorities are giving a 28 day exemption on newly laid turf while others are not.  It seems unfair that the ban is affecting peoples businesses and I am a strong believer that commercial business should be exempt from this ban.  I don't see any bans coming into force for all these hand car washes that are popping up on every street corner.

The rain has also been a double whammy for landscapers as their hard landscaping projects are now being slowed down by the rain.  Anyone who has laid Sandstone Paving will know that laying in the rain, while not being impossible, is much more difficult.  Heavy rain can wash the cement content out of mortar significantly reducing the mortars strength.  Pointing also becomes much more difficult in the rain unless  using a brush in compound.  A lot of the Sawn Paving that we supply needs to be sealed, another job which becomes impossible unless you have dry storage area.

By London Stone Blog | Published 10th May 2012
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