No Substitute For Natural Stone Paving

London Stone have been on site in Warrington with The Original Stone Paving Co for the past few weeks.  Its been an absolute pleasure to see London Stone Paving products used on such a high specification project.  Hopefully it has also been an eye opener for people to see a warts and all natural stone paving installation completed by The Original Stone Paving Co, who are undoubtedly one of the best natural stone installation contractors in the UK.  We've all seen these Groundforce style makeover shows on TV, when gardens are landscaped in a day.  As entertaining as these programmes are, they bear no resemblance to real life paving projects and hopefully this blog will have dispelled a few myths.

The Warrington paving project is now close to completion and the Sawn Granite Paving is looking sublime against the Sawn Black Basalt Paving edging strips.  All the stone is being pointed with GTFK which is an expoy resin which is swept into the gaps and left to go off.  There are many different ways of pointing garden paving material but when pointing large areas of stone setts, sweep in compounds are reguarly used.  GTFK is mixed with a hardener which goes rock hard.  Sweep in compounds are not suitable for all types of natural stone and I certainly would not reccomend them for certain types of Sawn Sandstone but for large areas of stone sett's they are perfect.

Sawn Granite Tegular Paving being pointed


Pointing is finished in this area


Thats how you lay Sawn Granite Setts

Contrasting colours and materials create the WOW factor

For any further information on London Stone or The Original Stone Paving Co, dont hesitate to get in touch.   It would be great to hear some feedback on the Warrington project

Steve Walley

By London Stone Blog | Published 24th July 2012
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