New Indian Sandstone Paving Products

Is it important for any business to keep a competitive edge and stay ahead of their competitors.  One way to do this is by the introduction of new products.  Adding new products to existing ranges can be risky and for new products to be successful it is important that a business understands the needs of its customers.  We recently had a visit from one of our Indian Sandstone Paving suppliers in which he presented a  whole range of new sandstone and limestone products.  Of all the products we were shown there were 3 that we were interested in.  My particular favourite was the honed Modak sandstone.  We are always looking to add to quality natural stone to our Sawn Paving range and we were impressed not only with how the model looked but also with the stones durability, a very important consideration with our damp climate.  We also looked at Sagar Black Indian Sandstone and Tumbled Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving.  We will do some further research on these products but we hope to be introducing them to our range sometime in the next six months.

By London Stone Blog | Published 24th May 2011
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