Natural Stone Paving Installation

Its day 4 on site with The Original Stone Paving Co in Warrington, and the groundwork's are almost complete.  In most of the areas we can see that the sub base has been laid and compacted.  This is always a good stage of any Exterior Stone Paving project because it means that a lot of the dirty work has now been completed.  When I used to lay stone paving I remember being particularly relieved once the sub base had been laid because it meant that you had a clean site.  Heavy rain for example while a site is being dug out can quickly turn a site into a quagmire making it impossible to carry out further work until things have dried out.  Once the sub base is laid any rain causes less of a problem.

In this case The Original Stone Paving Co will be laying a crushed limestone sub base of 150mm depth.  The sub base material is classified as a graded aggregate which means that the size of the material varies, usually from 50mm down to dust.  It is the variation in size of the sub base material which helps it to bind together and form a strong base.  Once the base has been leveled out with a rake or shovel it is then compacted with a whacker plate.  As you can see from the pictures the site is looking clean, organised and its possible to see the formation of all the different grades and levels.

The Original Stone Paving Co specialise in the installation of stone Water Features.  London Stone have worked with them on a couple of projects recently including the supply of Yorkstone Paving for round a pond.


By London Stone Blog | Published 20th June 2012
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