Natural Stone Paving In Garden Designs

A professional garden designer will have many things to consider when designing a garden.  Natural stone paving is increasingly being incorporated into professionally designed gardens and as such London Stone have a lot of contact with garden designers.  Its always interesting to work with garden designers as they are often working on interesting and creative projects, particularly when it comes to the use of paving stones.  London Stone recently carried out a presentation at the KLC school of garden design in Hampton Court.  The presentation was in front of 10 garden design students and covered a range of diverse topics from the history of stone in the UK, to the use of Yorkstone Paving on the streets of London right through to the impact imported stone and in particular, Indian sandstone has had on the UK market.  We also took along lots of different samples of our natural stone products.  The objective was to show the designers the wide range of surface finishes that can be applied to natural stone paving.  Take Sawn Paving for example, there are at least 6 different surfaces that can be applied to a piece of sawn sandstone and they all give a completely different style.  We also showed the designers all the different edge profiles available such as full bullnose, half bullnose, pencil round and chamfer.  The main intention of the presentation was to show that with natural stone paving, within reason, anything is possible.

We plan to do more presentations at numerous garden design schools in the future, for more details please contact me

By London Stone Blog | Published 27th June 2012
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