Make the London Stone Trade Club work for you!

With seven months crossed off the calendar since the launch of the London Stone Trade Club, we thought you might like news of its progress. After so short a time, we're really pleased to hear from members that it's beginning to deliver exactly what we intended.

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Over four hundred visitors come to the Connect search page every month, and numbers are increasing all the time. The Connect page is where members of the public find a contractor that's right for the job they need done. By entering their postcode, they receive a list of ten companies in their area; they can then browse through, check company information, look at image galleries showing completed work and email direct for further information.

We know that the ball is not just rolling, but gathering momentum. Trade Club members are coming back to us to report that they've won jobs as a result of Connect searches. One member had already had three by the middle of August!

Other benefits to membership include free training, Club Discount, and access to our online sales platform 24/7 Stone, which makes the admin side of your job easier. You can see more information or sign up here.

However, as well as (admittedly) swelling with pride just a little, we want to emphasise that this really is a Trade Club created with its members in mind. So, we're taking this opportunity to ask what else you might like us to do.  Are there other benefits that you'd love to see added, or subjects you'd like covered on the blog—maybe news on a particular part of the industry or paving information? Let us know. Together we can make the Trade Club as useful to you as you'd like it to be.

Around ten new members are currently signing up each week. (If you go to the Connect search page you can see who else has already joined up in your county.)  And—just in case you've missed our banging on about this over the last few months—every time we gain a new member we donate £10, split between our charity partners, Greenfingers (who build gardens for children's hospices) and Perennial (who support horticultural workers in distress). So, far we've handed over a total of £1120. In fact, our next monthly cheques will be handed over this week.

Go on, join up, make us pay a bit more, and start sharing the benefits.

By London Stone Blog | Published 5th November 2015
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