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Making your life simpler—it's been on our mind a lot recently. That's because it's the motivating force behind the creation of London Stone Trade Club, launched last week. So, to highlight all the ways we think the Trade Club does this, this month we're looking more closely at the features that will, we hope, get you breathing a sigh of relief that someone out there understands how you work.

24/7 Stone—our online portal. As the name explains, you can access it whenever you want—even in the middle of the night (though, we'd personally recommend getting some shut-eye). What this day-round access means, however, is that admin tasks no longer have to share the hours of the day when you'd rather be on site or contacting clients. Having access before and after normal working hours means that you can organise your day as you'd like, knowing that the small details that so often eat up the hours can, if necessary, be fitted in at another time. 

Here's what 24/7 offers:

  • Access to our complete product range—all stone and ancillary products are on screen. Presented in a user-friendly and logical way, this cuts down the time you spend finding what you need.  And there's plenty of information to click through to on each product, with precise specification charts to tell you all you need to know about the stone products that catch your eye.
  • Up-to-the-minute stock availability—24/7 tells you exactly what's in stock, so you can keep hold of schedules and keep your clients completely in the loop. They'll love your efficiency and you'll feel in control.
  • The power to create your own quotes—enter the details of your project and receive an immediate response. 24/7 will automatically generate a quote from our wide range of off-the-shelf natural stone. With our recent huge expansion of off-the-shelf products available in paving, steps, coping and edging, there's plenty to get your teeth into. Of course, if you need to discuss a complex request or incorporate bespoke pieces, as always we're just a phone call or email away during office hours and will direct you straight to the best person to help.
  • The power to order samples and brochures to show your clients, once you've seen something you like.
  • And easier admin—we know how tedious it is when you need to get on and then can't find all the necessary bits of paper. So, all your historical paperwork—invoices, delivery notes etc—can be accessed, downloaded, printed and emailed from here. You'll never need to excavate that paper mountain again.

Membership discount

As if all the benefits of the London Stone Trade Club weren't already legion, membership carries  the bonus of an additional Club Discount, on top of our normal trade discount, when you order our products.

Does 24/7 cover all the bases? We think we've done pretty well, but we'll be listening to feedback, so if you think of other features that would make life easier, we want you to tell us.

In the meantime, remember we're donating £10 split between the gardening charities Perennial or Greenfingers when you sign up to the London Stone Trade Club. We welcome any business or sole trader who regularly specifies or installs natural stone. And (it just gets better and better) it's completely free to join.

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Published 10th April 2015
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