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We aim to make our London Stone Trade Club as helpful as possible in assisting you in your business and, since it started in April, we've been really thrilled by the steady stream of members signing up to enjoy the benefits.

Sample Box from London Stone

One feature people are finding very useful is our Sample Pack, exclusively available and totally free to Club members. It's a handy, specially designed briefcase, holding over thirty samples of our natural stone. No more of those conversations where you cast your eye around the landscape before telling your client, “It's very similar to that beige over there.” Now you can whisk out a 75 x 75 mm sample of the actual paving you're describing and show your client exactly the finish and colour you're proposing.

Caro Saunders, Garden Designer, told us what she thought of it:

The brilliant ‘suitcase’ full of tile-sized samples is a great aid to encourage clients to think about the differences between types of stone and types of finish, I find it really handy.

We think you'll enjoy having it around your office too. The samples offer solid inspiration and mean that you can get them out, play around with them and get a real feel for the finish and colour while you choose the best options for your client's garden.

Product Training from London StoneAlso free with membership of the London Stone Trade Club is training in our ranges of GftK sweep-in pointing and Dry-Treat Sealing products. We've arranged it so that you experience the least possible interruption to your work schedule by ensuring that training is delivered on site. An expert applicator will soon have you applying our products with aplomb.

And we'd like you to know how carefully we've chosen those products. When we knew we wanted to supply sealing and pointing materials we took a careful look at what was available, did lots of in-house testing and chose GftK and Dry-Treat because they proved themselves way ahead of the competition. We're confident that they'll live up to your expectations and stand the test of time. We want you to connect London Stone with always supplying the best, and that includes the third-party products we offer.

And, of course, we give donate £10, split between our charity partners  Perennial and Greenfingers when you sign up to the London Stone Trade Club. Come and join our rapidly increasing membership – it's completely free!

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By London Stone Blog | Published 8th October 2015
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