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Election day is coming tomorrow and the whole country waits with baited breath for the outcome. Have Labour have finally run out of steam?  Come Friday morning will we have a Tory government in place?  It is looking more and more likely that we will be having a Tory government come the weekend but that's what we also thought with labour in 1992 when John Major managed to cling onto power for one last stint.  A stint that really paved(pardon the obvious pun) the way for labours dominance of the last 13 years.

I would imagine that its been a tough decision for a lot of people to make.  Its very hard to disagree with the statement that Gordon Brown has run out of steam.  As well as lacking the support of his own party he seems to have, equally as worryingly lost the support of his own conviction.

On the other hand you get the feeling that people don't quite trust David Cameron and if you are going to vote for somebody to lead your country then most people who are not quite sure will take the safer option and stick to what they know.

As a business who imports 90%  of our natural stone the current situation is making business tough.  The weak pound is making imports expensive which means that our costs are being pushed up all the time.

Gordon clinging to power for another term, in a perverse sort of way could be an absolute disaster for the labour party.  It will certainly lead to a power struggle within the labour party sometime in the next 1-2 years,  if not sooner.  Would the British people forgive the labour party for foisting on to them another unelected leader?  I think the answer to that question is no and labour would pay a heavy price for that.  Labour have managed to squeeze at least 13 years of power out of the discontent felt towards the Tory party.  Imagine what the Tories could squeeze out if they got it right?

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By London Stone Blog | Published 5th May 2010
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