London Stone improves Quality Control

Over the past few months, the management team at London Stone has beenpallets-quality control looking at various ways to improve the service we offer to our customers. As well as the designer and contractor scheme which helps the home owner find reputable professionals to help them with their projects, we have been looking at the products themselves.

One of the areas we are always working on is quality control and, in particular, the quality of the stone from our suppliers. As we have an exceptional relationship with all our suppliers in several countries, we have chosen to invest in improving the standard of paving by spending up to an additional 5% - at NO extra cost to the customer – to ensure a superior product. Initially, we are piloting this new quality control process with our Indian Sandstone suppliers.

What does this mean? In essence, we are looking for:

  • paving slabs which are unchipped and unbroken,
  • an even calibration within strict tolerances which will allow for faster laying for contractors as bed preparation will be quicker,
  • tight tolerances in the dimensions across the whole range of sizes so that there is less wastage and less cutting,
  • even colour variations, within reason, across pallets of the same paving,
  • secure packaging which ensures the stones are well protected during transportation and
  • consistent branding and labelling across the packaging to allow for fast identification and correct storage, picking and delivery. .

 All these individual improvements add up to elements which make for products which meet our customers’ demanding standards, ensures there is less wastage and fewer returns. All in all an improvement in customer satisfaction and at no additional cost.

By London Stone Blog | Published 26th June 2014
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