How To Lay Sandstone Paving

Go back 15 years and very few people would have been familiar with natural stone paving.  Before the explosion in imported Sandstone Paving, the range of natural stone available in the UK was restricted to indigenous stones like Yorkstone and Portland stone.  British stones like these were prohibitively expensive and as such were unaffordable for the majority of people.  Imported stone changed all of this and for the first time in history natural stone paving was affordable to the masses.  Indian sandstone is now so widespread in the UK that its very rare to find a contractor who has not got experience of laying this material.  As the market has changed, Sawn Paving has become more readily available in the UK and contractors are gaining further experience in the installation of sawn material.  While the laying methods of sawn paving and standard Indian sandstone paving are similar, there are important differences to consider.  Sawn paving is generally more porous than riven paving so it is important for contractors to take more care when laying this material.  Sawn paving often needs sealing so this will also need to be considered.  There is a lot more to it than this but we have written installation guides for all of our natural stone products.  These installation guides can  be found on all of the product pages on our website.

By London Stone Blog | Published 26th June 2012
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