Germans are efficient, even in natural stone production

The Germans have always had a reputation for efficiency.  Cars, technology, industry, football, the list goes on and on.  We buy natural stone paving from Germany and having dealt with German suppliers for the past 3 years I can personally testify that they fully deserve their reputation for extreme organisation.  We buy natural stone paving and limestone tiles from all over the world and doing business with the Germans is by far the most enjoyable.  Visiting the German factory last year was a real eye opener, especially bearing in mind my recent visit to see sandstone paving production in India.  The machinery on display, in fact calling it machinery would be an insult, the technology on display is mind boggling.  One machine is capable of automatically calculating the size of a slab of stone before cutting it up into paving and tiles with a minimum amount of wastage.  It makes our new CNC bridge saw look like something out of the industrial revolution.

Published 6th January 2011
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