Economical Yorkstone Paving

Yorkstone has been used as a paving material in the UK for centuries.  It’s a tried and trusted natural stone with a character that improves with age. Yorkstone is generally supplied in 3 different formats, Sawn Yorkstone Paving, Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving & New Riven Yorkstone. The one drawback with Yorkstone and with the majority of native stones is the cost.  With such a wide choice of cheaper imported natural stones available native stones are getting increasingly pushed down the pecking order. If you do have your heart set on Sawn Yorkstone for example, there are ways, with a little bit of creativity to bring the cost down without compromising on the quality of the finished product.

One way to bring the cost down is rather than opt for a fixed size of paving, opt for a fixed width and a random length.  This will reduce the amount of waste stone your supplier will incur and allow them to offer you a more competitive price.  Another option is to go for a smaller size.  The logic behind this is that the production of Sawn Yorkstone is a process which produces large amounts of waste.  This waste is generally just stored, land filled or sold as crazy paving. If you can opt for a small size this will allow your stone supplier to convert some of his waste stone into finished product, something they will be happy to do at a reduced price.

By London Stone Blog | Published 20th October 2011
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