Easipoint the future of pointing?

At the end of any natural stone paving project comes the pointing.  There are so many different methods of pointing practiced by different people that it has become a bit of a black art.  An extremely wet mix will guarantee that the pointing is strong, but the downside to this is the wetter the mix, the more chance of staining the edge of the slabs.  What most tradesmen settle for is a semi wet mix which while being wet enough to bond is not so wet that it stains the edge of the paving.  The problem with this type of mix that it is prone to flaking away.

We are currently supplying a product called Easipoint.  It is a mortar based product which is applied through a mortar gun.  It is available in a range of colours and we have found an installation technique which is both fast and minimizes the chance of staining and picture framing.  The end result is a durable finish with a consistent colour.  Check out Easipoint in the following link:


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By London Stone Blog | Published 10th August 2010
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