Easipoint is best for Natural Stone Paving

One of our regular landscape clients came into our shop on Friday.  Tom Shaw of Shaws Landscapes had come into the shop to buy some Green Slate Paving.  I had a look at Tom's impressive portfolio and couldn't help noticing the photos of a project which we had supplied for back in 2008.  Coincidentally that paving was also Green Slate.  The installation was very good but had been let down by not the quality of the pointing but the consistency of the colour of the pointing.  When using natural stone paving which has a consistent colour, like green slate has, its important to carefully consider the colour of the pointing mix.  The reason for this is that any inconsistencies in the colour of the pointing mix will be highly visible against a consistent coloured natural stone paving such as Green Slate.  This is one of the reasons why Easipoint is becoming so widely used with natural stone paving.  The range of colour options provided by Easipoint is so diverse that it is almost impossible not to find the perfect pointing colour for your paving.

By London Stone Blog | Published 25th September 2010
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