Crema Sandstone Paving

The final new product for 2012 will be Crema sandstone.  Crema sandstone is a clean, white coloured natural sandstone paving.  Although the product is riven, unlike our existing range of Sandstone Paving the surface of Crema sandstone is very flat.  The product will also be available with machine sawn edges and will be initially supplied in patio packs only.  This is another brand new product for the UK market and will add a contemporary twist to riven Indian Sandstone Paving.  Although we would not classify Crema Sandstone as Sawn Paving the flat nature of the stone and the machine sawn edges give the stone a contemporary style.  That’s all for new products, the only problem we are facing now is where to put them all.

By London Stone Blog | Published 25th October 2011
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