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London Stone’s New Surrey Showroom Opens In Farnham

London Stone’s New Surrey Showroom Opens In Farnham – our fifth, and largest showroom opens

A new baby. Always exciting. And the latest addition to our family is our new Surrey Showroom, taking us out beyond the M25 into an area where so many of you are based. You won’t even have to navigate the Heathrow traffic to reach us!

London Stone’s Surrey Showroom hosting an APL Cluster Group, 12.11.2018

Very spacious, there’s plenty of room to see our products in helpfully large formats, and our displays really bring to light the enormous wealth of off-the-shelf products we offer. read more

London Stone Shows New Products At The Landscape Show, Battersea

London Stone Shows New Products At The Landscape Show, Battersea – take a look at what the show had to offer

With visitors flying in from Europe, and even as far afield as Russia, The Landscape Show at Battersea this week was, as Craig Potter, our Garden Design Director, observed, “The busiest since I’ve been coming here.” (And he’s been here a fair few years!)

London Stone - Millboard - DesignBoard - Landscape Show 2018

London Stone’s corner stand at The Landscape Show 2018

It wasn’t just those in the know who came either. In the first few hours of the first morning, Craig said, “I met three designers who were completely new to me, two of whom live very close to our soon-to-open Surrey Showroom in Farnham.” read more

Porcelain 40mm Bullnose Steps, a new first from London Stone

The Bullnose edge profile—so much more attractive than its name. It’s a must for classical settings, fits into contemporary designs, creates contour and shadow, and gives curved edges an extra sinuous quality.

40mm Bullnose Steps

No surprise, then, that a lot of our customers have been asking us for 40mm bullnose steps and coping stones in Porcelain. They are, after all, a standard in our industry, and nothing beats the quality look of that 40mm measurement. As you’ll know, though, the standard thickness for Porcelain used outdoors is 20mm. read more

New hard paving options from London Stone

A new season: new possibilities, improving weather, new choices. Which is pretty much what our latest paving options give you (OK, not the weather, but we’re working on that) in slate, sandstone and Yorkstone.


Among our three new sandstones is Camel Dust.  Hand-cut and riven for a more traditional look, it extends our colour range with lighter sandy tones and is an economical choice with it a project-pack mix of four sizes for relaxed paving patterns.

Meanwhile, Desert Sandstone and Golden Sandstone are sawn six sides for a luxury finish and sandblasted and brushed to bring out the distinctive colours and markings, as well as offer the reassurance of good slip-resistance. Their hard-wearing qualities make them easier to clean and widens your choice for overhung, damper areas. read more

A starring role – Paul Newman puts Beola Bianca Porcelain in the spotlight

It’s not every day a TV company asks if you have a project suitable for their TV series, but this is exactly what happened to Paul Newman of Paul Newman Landscapes, based in Welwyn Garden City.

Beola Bianca Porcelain - Paul Newman Landscapes - rum shack

Beola Bianca Porcelain Paving and Steps. The rum shack was partly made out of the pallets in which materials had been delivered. Picture courtesy of Paul Newman Landscapes

“TwoFour, a production company, were making a new home renovation series for ITV called Home Game,” says Paul. “We feature in episode five.” read more