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A Special Porcelain Offer To Celebrate Ten Years In Business

A Special Porcelain Offer To Celebrate Ten Years In Business – read about the way we’ve expanded our porcelain range as well as giving you a little something extra this year

London Stone has had a few milestones along the way to this, our tenth year in business, and perhaps none has been more significant than the opening of our Bespoke Stone Centre in 2012.

With a porcelain range that starts at just £30.00 m2 + VAT, London Stone have something for every project this year

What this means is that, when we introduce a new product, as we did with Porcelain in 2015, we’re in a position to learn for ourselves everything you need to know about working with it. And we’re celebrating that this year with a Special Porcelain Offer. read more

How To Choose The Right Cleaning Product For Your Natural Stone Paving

Darker days may be driving us indoors, but it’s just the right time to think of giving outdoor spaces a bit of TLC, and that means cleaning.


At London Stone we’ve carefully chosen the cleaning products we recommend and we know that some seem to overlap in purpose, so we thought we’d take you through how to choose the best one for the job.

Autumn: Anti-algae Treatment


Leaf fall is the main headache at this time of year and leaves carry a lot of tannins. One of the simplest things to combat problems is occasionally to use a stiff brush to keep paving clear and remove dirt and debris. “The main problem is when leaves mulch down,” says Antony Pasquini, our North-East London Showroom Manager who, like so many of our staff, has had long experience of working with stone. “Leave them for four or five months and you’ll get stubborn vegetation stains.” read more

Dry, Dry, And Dry again – A Quick Guide To Sealing Natural Stone Like A Professional

Storm Ophelia, Storm Brian. We are used to getting high winds; now we get characters blowing across the country.  Either way, storms don’t make landscaping easy. As for sealing stone, they make it pretty much impossible in situ at this time of year.


That’s why, if you are laying natural stone and sealing it yourself, you need to plan ahead. Stone that’s to be sealed needs to be bone dry; no ‘ifs’, no ‘buts’, no saying “That’s probably dry enough”. If it isn’t totally dry, moisture in the stone will interfere with the sealing solution and compromise the results. The problem is that guaranteeing a dry spell at any time of year can be difficult, let alone as we head into November. read more

Slot Drains Create Seamless Flow From Kitchen To Garden

Creating a seamless flow between indoors and out is ideal for extending our living space and creating a welcoming view of the garden. But it needs consideration. This is exactly what artist and interior designer Laura Gompertz gave the liaison between her kitchen and a tired outdoor area that was in desperate need of renovation.

Laura’s given her finished garden, which using Jura Beige Limestone and a stainless steel slot drain, a verdant, Mediterranean feel by leaving an established wisteria in place and adding palms and an olive tree. Picture Credit: read more

London Stone sees it from a Landscaper’s Point of View

At London Stone we aim to understand our clients, so we weren’t surprised when Sales Director Chris Durnford decided to redesign and build his front garden himself. But what exactly did he learn about the trials of a landscaper?

Front garden after with Planting and Pebbles

First, the project. Practicalities demanded a design that would allow a car to be parked in front of the house. The driveway was already laid with acceptable red and black pavers, but the main area was already suffering from the weight of the car and needed an improved build. “The slabs that were there had been loosely laid on sand and mud and had started to sink,” says Chris, “and they got very muddy in the rain.” read more