British Summers And Exterior Stone Paving

We all know not to expect too much from the British summer, but the "summer" of 2012 has been the worst I can remember to date.  Its ironic that as soon as a hosepipe ban was introduced that the heavens opened up and apart from a few warm days last week the sky's have continued to pour.  Its been an absolute disaster for anybody involved in hard landscaping as it is a physical impossibility to lay Natural Stone Paving in torrential rain.  I was speaking to one of our landscape clients last week and he was pulling his hair out after all the gains made from a positive start to 2012 have been wiped out by the weather of the last couple of months.  I was also speaking to one of London Stone competitors last week at an ethical trading meeting and he reported the same.  A fantastic start to the year which has just petered out due to bad weather.  I have recently moved house and was planning to lay some Sandstone Paving in my garden this week at some point, I might have to buy a pump at this rate to empty out my waterlogged garden.

On the positive side we do need the rain and at this rate it should not be too long before the hosepipe ban is lifted.

We will be starting a new feature tomorrow where we will be serialising a Natural Stone Paving installation by one of our trade clients.  When Cookie from the Original Stone Paving Company mentioned the idea of a blog we jumped at the chance of seeing him and his guys in action.  The Original Stone Paving Company specialise in the installation of Natural Stone Paving and over the next couple of weeks were going to be covering the installation of about 250m of Granite Paving, warts and all.

Check into this blog every day to see the progress on site to date and If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch




By London Stone Blog | Published 11th June 2012
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