British Natural Stone Will Win The Marathon

With the price of imports rising and specifiers now taking a more long term view, British natural stone paving is making a long awaited return to popularity.  Specifiers and designers are also more aware of the environmental implications of moving material half way around the world although I wont labour this point too much because there is a logical argument that a fully laden container ship is a more environmentally friendly method of transport than a lorry.

Natural stone paving imports from India an China have rocketed over the past 10 years as cheap prices opened up the previously elite natural stone world to the masses. As natural stone paving, or Indian Sandstone Paving grew in popularity so did the public's desire for new and exciting paving products.  Sawn Paving was born to fill this demand.  The next move in natural stone will be a move towards European and homegrown British stones.  Yorkstone Paving & Portland Stone will become popular as people look to make long term investments in stones with a track record of durability in the British climate

By London Stone Blog | Published 25th May 2011
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