Bespoke Yorkstone Furniture

Yorkstone is a soft sandstone and can be easily cut and processed for use in a variety of garden applications.  I remember the first time I ever came across Yorkstone.  I was managing a landscaping project at the time and the client was looking for a drilled natural stone monolith to act as a water feature.  We managed to find a suitable chunk of Yorkstone however the client did not like the piece as it was a bit too clean cut.  We phoned the quarry from where we had purchased the stone and told them about our problem.  The stonemason told us to get a hammer and chisel and rough the surface of the stone up.  He told us not to be afraid of breaking it.  We followed his instructions and turned that clean cut piece of cut stone into a rustic looking monolith.  That was over 8 years ago and we now produce natural stone benches, planters and tables.

By London Stone Blog | Published 9th October 2010
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