London Stone offer a huge choice of bespoke and standard Coping Stones, making your life easier and extending the design options for traditional and contemporary settings. Available in straight, corner and end pieces, our wide selection of off-the-shelf copings includes riven sandstone with rock-faced edges and our most popular sawn stone, square-cut with pencil-round edges. All off-the-shelf Coping Stones come with a drip groove on the underside to encourage water to fall away from the walls below, so protecting brickwork from excessive dampness. Combine Coping Stones with our off-the-shelf paving, edging stones and step treads for a complete design solution.
Beige Sawn Sandstone Coping
Beige Copings
Harvest Sawn Sandstone Coping
Harvest Copings
Buff Sawn Sandstone Coping
Buff Copings
Contemporary Grey Sawn Sandstone Coping
Grey Copings
Black Basalt Coping
Black Basalt Coping
Blue Grey Granite Coping
Blue Granite Copings
Silver Grey Granite Coping
Silver Granite Copings
Heath Sawn Sandstone Coping Stones
Heath Coping
Autumn Brown Sandstone Coping Stones
Autumn Brown Copings
Kandla Grey Sandstone Coping Stones
Kandla Grey Copings
Mint Sandstone Coping Stones
Mint Copings
Raj Green Sandstone Coping Stones
Raj Green Copings
Blue Black Slate Coping Stone
Slate Coping Stone
Buff Yorkstone Pier Cap
Buff York Pier Cap
Sawn Yorkstone Pool Copings
Sawn Yorkstone
Grey Yorkstone Pier Cap
Grey York Pier Cap
Sawn Limestone Pool Copings
Sawn Limestone
Portland Pier Cap
Portland Pier Cap
Sawn Sandstone Pool Copings
Sawn Sandstone
Sawn Travertine Pool Copings
Sawn Travertine
Stone Pool Grills
Stone Pool Grills
Bespoke Sawn Yorkstone Copings
Yorkstone Copings
Bespoke Sawn Limestone Copings
Limestone Copings
Bespoke Sawn Sandstone Copings
Sandstone Copings
Bespoke Sawn Travertine Copings
Travertine Copings
Bespoke Portland Stone Copings
Portland Copings
Bespoke Riven Natural Stone Copings
Natural Stone Copings
Slate Coping Stones
Slate Coping Stones
Black Basalt Coping Stones
Basalt Coping Stones
Bespoke Coping Stones add a luxurious touch to any design with their square-cut, once- or twice-weathered profiles and can be tailored to suit your property with a period or modern edge profile. Combined with bespoke pier caps, they'll give your walls and pillars the wow factor, while curved coping stones add a very special line to sinuous designs. Bespoke Coping Stones are cut to your precise specification on state-of-the-art machinery by our skilled stonemasons, giving you a superb finish. Coping Stones also provide a very practical addition to a design, protecting brickwork and creating extra space to sit or display plants in sunny spots.