Monthly Archives: April 2010

Lease Vehicles Thumbs Up Or Down

London Stones fleet of small transit van’s are up for renewal in 6 months and we are debating about whether or  not to renew the 3 year lease or whether or not to purchase our own vehicles. I would be really interested in hearing peoples opinions on the subject of  vehicle purchase.  On the surface […]

ETI Stone Group: April Meeting

Regular readers of this blog will know that London Stone are ETI corporate members.  The ethical issues which apply to the imported natural stone industry are well documented.  A stone group was formed within the ETI to tackle these issues head on.  London Stone attended the April meeting yesterday. You have to give enormous credit […]

London Stone Paving Display Opening Soon

The London Stone paving showroom will be completed by Friday 30/04/2010 Although our new natural stone showroom has been open for the last 4 weeks it has not been completely finished.  We expect to finally get it finished by 30th April.  It will be one of the most comprehensive displays of natural stone paving in […]